60/90 Fall Baseball for players ages 13-16

Updated Friday August 17, 2018 by CHYAA President.

Cherry Hill Baseball Community,


I am pleased to announce CHYAA is offering a fall 60/90 program this season.


CHYAA will be teaming up with Cherry Hill’s own Bo Gray. Bo has extensive baseball experience and knowledge, he has played or coached for over 30 years.


This fall we will offer a TSE type league and possible tournament schedule starting at age 13.

This division will travel and utilize local fields for games and practices.


 With the experience Bo brings to this division and his commitment to success we can start with a knowledgeable and grounded approach. All of our teams will have the ultimate bench coach with Bo mentoring.


Our fall coaching staff will feature volunteer coaches trained and instructed by Bo. He will provide Coach The Coaches sessions and help structure the teams and practice schedules.


We will continue the CHYAA tradition of instilling essential fundamentals, comprehensive practices and teaching true sportsmanship.


CHYAA can now offer programs for children starting 3 years of age and watch our children  turn into young men and women.

  Registration will open on August 17th. Log on to www.chyaa.org and click register now for all of the details.


Please feel free to reach out with any questions or if you are interested in volunteering to support our baseball needs.


Dan Market

CHYAA President