• Fall Ball 2017 Registration is Open!

    Fall Ball registration is now open. Log on to select the register now link and choose from the below options. Fall Baseball 2017 We will offer two types of fall ball this season. 1-Skil... More
  • Rookie Champions

    Congratulations to the Cubs for winning the CHYAA Rookie division championship!
  • Major 60 Champions

    Congratulations to the Cubs for winning the CHYAA Major 60's division championship! 
  • Major 70 Champions

    Congratulations to the Diamondbacks for winning the CHYAA Major 70's division championship! Good luck in the Mayor's Cup tournament. 
  • CHYAA Softball Champions!

    The CHYAA Tigers defeated the CHYAA Volunteers last night in the Tri-Town rec league championship game. The Tigers scored two runs in the bottom of the 6th to earn the title in a very exciting game. These gir... More
  • Tigers and Braves Tie in Slide-off Championship

    The 70's Tigers tied the 70's Braves in a rain soaked affair Satuday at CHYAA. Each team battled, laying down some impressive slides. The score went back and forth until the game was called due to shi... More
  • Getting ready for 2016

    CHYAA Player Agent Dan Berckman hard at work getting the first base Major field dugout ready for new concrete. That dugout along with the third base T-ball field dugout will have their floors raised to help p... More